Started by a Trucker
for Truckers

If anyone understands the right way to run a trucking company, it’s us. That’s because we were founded by a trucker who set out to create a company that would live up to its promises. We’ve got a 60-year track record of taking good care of customers, seeing to it that our truck drivers enjoy a good living—and just being a great all-around place to do business with.

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Being a part of James R. Smith has changed me for the better. It made me appreciate a more steady routine. Before, it was always day to day, never knowing what I was going to do. Now i'm on a dedicated route, so I know when I'm going to be off three months from now, because that's when I was off last year. I've never had that before.

– Leon Speegle, Owner-Operator

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If I had to describe James R. Smith in three words, they would be Godly, efficient, and professional. They care about you and your family, and home time is very important.

– Michael Howard, Owner-Operator

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The qualities about these guys here are: they really take care of you, They are family oriented, They hear you out, they talk to you, & ask you if you need anything. It's about family to me.

– Willie Holder, Owner-Operator

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If you want a change for the better, step away from the big company atmosphere. If you want to come where people want you here. They are glad to see you every day, come to James R. Smith. I think you'll enjoy it.

– Jason Burton, Company Driver


James R Smith